Kral Devil: Devilishly Good Vermin Control!

Kral Devil: Devilishly Good Deal!

.22 Full Power Break Barrel

Kral Devildevilishly good at dispatching vermin – is still the pefect solution for all of your rat and pigeon problems.

kral devil: devilishly good

Featuring a synthetic stock and the reknowned Tru-Glo fibre optic sites, this full powered .22 is ideal for pest / vermin control!

The Kral Devil – one of our very best sellers – is an extremely popular purchase.  We are delighted to offer this rifle for the sale cost of only £98.00!

But it doesn’t stop there – why don’t you add in a Nikko Sterling 4×40 scope and mounts, along with a gun bag and 500 Exact Diablo pellets?  Get all of this for the bargain price of £159.00!

Please contact us on (01752) 220810 or 07970628740 for more details about this outstanding deal!