Traditional Hand-Forged Minamoto Katana

Samurai Master Minamoto Katana – order yours now!

Minamoto’s reknowned Samurai Master Katana are the very top of the Minamoto Katana range:

minimoto katana

“Any Minamoto Katana is a properly heat treated, traditionally hand-folded, hand forged, katana, made by the finest traditional katana makers.”

The Samurai Master range are forged from 1060, 1095 or Damascus steel and are tempered either traditionally or using variations of different types of clay tempering. Some of the more expensive clay tempering techniques are what are said to have given the most famous historical katana their famous unfading razor sharp edges. The materials used in the saya and tsuba are of extremely high quality and value – you will find gold, mother of pearl, buffalo horn, and many precious components, historically reserved for the most powerful of the Samurai caste.

minimoto katana

“Minamoto Hand Forged Katana and Samurai Swords are the finest quality Katana available. Every Minamoto Katana is a piece of art, scrupulously hand crafted and hand forged by master samurai makers. There are many objects from other manufacturers that look like katana, but a true katana is in the forging of the blade: the way it is tempered and heat-treated, in the traditional methods of wrapping the handle and engraving the saya. Minamoto Katana is art, history and quality. ”

These are artisan-crafted swords – for the serious collector only.

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