Talon Raptor Crossbow

The Talon Raptor Crossbow looks like a crossbow – but it certainly is not!

The Talon Raptor Crossbow utilises 8mm BBs and lead projectiles and is able to shoot at over 400 feet per second up to a distance of an impressive 60 metres.

It comes complete with a fast flight string and halo centre serving as used on the Stryker Crossbow – with outstanding results.   The Talon Raptor also comes with an optional built in laser to give unbelievable accuracy when shooting the 8mm BBs or lead ammunition.

The Talon Raptor is also accurate and extremely powerful with full size crossbow bolts and lead projectiles: remove the top tube to fire crossbow bolts then return the tube for shooting BBs and lead projectiles.  Tuned to perfection, this bow is likely to give you much more power than a top end air rifle!

The Talon Raptor matches its power with a lightweight composite plastic stock.  Each string is specifically made for every Talon Crossbow and are unique in the fact that they can be moved left, right, twisted back or twisted forward when cocking.  This reduces the wear on the centre serving, prolonging the life of your string.

Draw Weight : 60lb
Stock : Compression Moulded Plastic
Barrel/Limb : Steel
Velocity : 32 Grain 8mm Balls :  410 ft/sec
Velocity : 30 Cal Lead Projectiles 308 ft/sec
Velocity : 361 Grain 17″ Bolts : 200 ft/sec
Power : 32 Grain 8mm Balls 12ft/lbs
Power : 30 Cal Lead Projectiles 23.3ft/lb
Power : 361 Grain 17″ Bolts 18ft/lbs
Weight : 5.1kg
Length : 840mm

*** UNDER £400! ***

Price on application – please call us on (01752) 220810 or 07970628740 for more information about this amazing product.