Yukon Photon XT 4.6×42 S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope


Yukon Photon XT

A new and innovative digital night vision riflescope delivers excellent performance, versatility, and value.

The Yukon Photon XT Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope is a new hybrid technology, unique to Yukon Advanced Optics. A technologically advance dii tal night vision module is fused with a traditional riflescope body, to produce a night vision scope that has characteristics similar to a daylight scope, yet has the capability of use in total darkness.

A hard anodised, 30mm aluminium alloy body tube enables easy mounting to a variety of rifles, and is both durable and highly water and shock resistant. A large aperture eyepiece with easy diopter adjustment, provides comfortable viewing with a generous eye relief. The eyepiece is furnished with a soft rubber eyepiece for the prevention of light spill that would otherwise scare off game.

The image is formed with an infrared biased CMOS digital sensor. This sensor amplifies low ambient light, making the Yukon Photon XT less dependent on IR light than many other budget night vision systems. An inbuilt infrared LED illuminator with three brightness settings produces a very clean image when used in extreme darkness. There is also provision for attaching an additional infrared flashlight, such as a Pulsar LED or Laser infrared flashlight, for extending the range of the Yukon Photon XT.

The reticle is produced electronically, and there is a choice of 6 designs, which can be easily selected on-the-fly, without loss of zero. The colour of the reticle can be be selected to display as red, green, or white, depending on the prevailing conditions. Zeroing of the reticle is performed via the main menu. The Yukon Photon XT is a reticle moving system, which ensures that full image quality and field-of-view is maintained at all times.

The Yukon Photon XT produces a very good image, with excellent contrast and resolution. The image brightness has 15 levels of adjustment, and a video-out socket enables recording via a Newton CVR640, Yukon MPR, or for display on a screen for viewing in real-time. This sight cannot be damaged by high light exposure, and can be used during the daytime if required.

The Yukon Photon XT is suitable for all calibres up to a muzzle energy of 6000 joules (4425 ft./lbs), and heralds a new era in high quality, affordable night vision sighting systems.

The Yukon Photon is supplied with a lens cloth, carrying case, and is supplied with a carry case, instruction and care manual, and a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, only available from an authorised Yukon Optics dealer.

  • 4.6x Magnification
  • 42mm objective lens
  • CMOS sensor
  • Camera resolution 656×492 pixels
  • System resolution 38 lp/pmm
  • Detection range 150 metres*
  • Field of View 4.3 degrees(7.5 metres @ 100 metres)
  • 60 mm eye relief
  • In-built 810nm IR LED illuminator
  • 3V (2xAA batteries) internal power provides up to 5 hours continuous use with Li-ion batteries
    Waterproof IPx4 (IEC 60529)
  • 30mm tube
  • Operational temperature range -15C to +50C
  • Mil-STD-1913 Weaver accessory rail
  • Dimensions 398x75x80mm
  • Weight- 620 grams
  • Large calibre resistant up to 6000 Joules (4425 ft/lbs) example, .375 H&H Magnum.
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